Sunday, January 20, 2008

Keyword Resources
This for-sale product gives you access to thousands of Internet advertising keywords. Also provides a pay-per-click estimated value per word and estimated daily clicks per word. Also gives you a list of related words, search figures for related words and estimated daily clicks for these words. Includes a keyword misspelling generator, a list of the top 4600 search keywords and several bonus CDs to assist you in your keyword search.
This free software enables you to find the best search keywords. It has a site meter and popularity meter that enables you to see how your site compares to your competitor's sites, a keyword phrase builder, a misspelled word generator, and a Web page explorer that lets you study Web pages for word density.
Free keyword research guide discusses why keywords matter, what you can do with Wordtracker, converting traffic using Wordtracker, how to gauge the size of your market, why keywords are important in paid search, finding keywords, and designing an online market strategy.
Get a free list of 25 of the top keywords here. They also sell a database of 20,000 popular keywords that lists each words price.
Download a free keyword search tool.