Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to get great ROI on your PPC

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an important way for every affiliate marketer to get traffic. What you do is buying traffic to your site. This is done by buying a sponsored link and bidding on keywords in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. When a user searches for a specific keyword in Google, this will generate both organic hits and paid ad words. With PPC you buy a certain ad word and for each user that clicks on it you pay a set amount. PPC is a fast and relatively cheap way to generate traffic to your web site.

But how do you get ROI (Return of Investment) on your PPC campaign? We have interviewed a PPC expert to answer some of the questions you might have and help you get started.

Why should you use PPC?
To increase your traffic. Even if you get very good organic hits in the search engines on a specific keyword, you will generate even more traffic if you also use PPC. The reason for this is that the user will see the ad words when he/she makes a search. If you don't buy them others will get traffic you could have gotten.

PPC is an effective marketing method when it comes to ROI. It is very easy to measure the results of your campaign compared to other forms of marketing.

What should you think about when buying PPC?

* Choose the right keywords
* Write effective ad copy
* Create a good landing page with effective copy
* Track each keyword to measure ROI. (Compare the cost to the revenues.)

The keywords, ad copy and landing page have to be well integrated in order to get a good ROI. It is important to have a credible landing page/site for two reasons. Firstly, the landing page will affect your conversion - a serious landing page with good copywriting will convert more traffic. Secondly, it will affect your ad cost. The search engine will evaluate your site and this evaluation will have an impact on the click price you pay for each visitor. The more credible and relevant the landing page is, the lower the click price will be.

How do you choose which keywords to buy?
The aim is to choose commercial words - i.e. words where there is a good chance that the visitors take an action that generates revenue for us. Which in turn hopefully creates a positive ROI. The keywords need to have decent search volumes. Relevant keywords can bee chosen with the help of keyword software like Wordtracker. The software will help you to find out which keywords people use when they search for products related to your site.

It is also advisable to use a web analyzes software such as Google Analytics. The software can be used to see which keywords the visitors reach the site with (both organic and bought traffic) and what actions they take on the site.

How do you get ROI quickly using PPC?

* Start with only a few ad words.
* Buy commercial long tail words - words that generate lower traffic volumes but also have less competition and are cheaper to buy.
* One targeted ad to each keyword and a highly relevant landing page for each ad.

How do you get started with PPC?
To get started is easy:

* Choose a couple of keywords.
* Write ad copy.
* Create a landing page to convert your traffic.
* Signup to affiliate program(s).
* Open a PPC account with Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.
* Set a budget and decide how much you are ready to pay for each visitor.
* Start your PPC campaign.

As you can see using PPC to get great ROI is easy. Just follow these tips and we guarantee that you will see quick results.

source : http://www.affiliatetips.com/how-to-get-great-roi-on-your-ppc.html