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How to Reapply for Google AdSense

Summary for: How to Reapply for Google AdSense

There are two main cases when you would be put in the situation to reapply for Google™ AdSense

* either you were rejected at application
* or your account was suspended for some reason

There is also the situation when a site changes owner (when sold), when it is necessary for the new owner to apply even if the site had been part of the program before.
A. You Were Rejected at Application

1. Most of the times it may be by rights, in which case you will have to seriously re-analyze your site and see if it observes AdSense™'s rules and policies and the unofficial acceptance requirements. Unfortunately, not many are the times when the AdSense™ people explain the reason of rejection, so you'll have to try and detect yourself the possible cause. If you can do that and then “fix” it, usually you are accepted when reapplying.
2. Sometimes it just happens you are rejected without a solid reason (even they make mistakes!) Usually, these cases are solved easily. If you truly feel you were wronged, you may send them an email meant to draw their attention to your site. They usually re-evaluate such cases and give the approval immediately (if the case).

B. Your Account was Disabled

You might get banned generally for any violation of the program policies. Usually you simply receive an email shortly descriptive of the reasons that got you banned. In such situations you have to know how to rally your forces and react. Some case are more likely to get your account disabled easily. Here are some of the most occurring ones:

1. Click Fraud

AdSense™ registers clicks on the ads in your account that they consider malicious or fraudulent. It is a critical situation and usually when an account is barred for this reason, all data related to the account (including name, mailing address, domains, contact information, tax information, IP address) are stored into their “black list” and if you try to reapply using any of these data, your application will be rejected. However, AdSense™ does not react by disabling your account at once. It warns you at first, and if the clicks are proven to have been performed mistakenly, nothing happens.
* Send them an apology, admitting blame. For, no matter if you consider you have done nothing wrong, they will see this situation triggered by one of your actions, even if not directly.
* Offer to make compensation on the fraudulent clicks on your site. This would ensure them that you are truly sorry.
* Be persistent. Keep a polite tone, but send an email once a week, thus they will see you are comitted and loyal to the program.

2. Inappropriate Content or/and Other Contextual Ads on the Page
Pages that have content that is not according to the their policies, you're sure for barring. On the other hand, situations happen when the page content is not actually in the categories described as off-limits, but is interpreted as inappropriate by the bot and the ads become PSAs. This may occur for example when there are some “stop” words on your page or even some references to taboo topics.
Solution: In these cases you should analyze carefully what caused you dismantled and repair things (remove other contextual ads if the case). And then submit your site again.

3. Site Contains Incentives to Click
This occurs most times from insufficient knowledge of AdSense™'s policies, We dare say, as we cannot imagine another good reason to put on your pages phrases like “click here” or “support us” if you know the rules. Or posting even on other pages, outside your site encouragements such as “visit my sponsors” or “feel free to stop by”.
Solution: It may work if you just remove all sort of such incentive and submit again.

4. Other Possible Cases
When you are informed of your account disabling you may get a puzzling explanation, something about your website being of a type which is not supported in the AdSense™ program, even if it's not a chat site, a personal page, a domain registration site or anything like that -- types that are officially known to pose such problems.
Solution: Under normal circumstances, if analyzing all data, you find your exclusion unfair, contact AdSense™ by email. This may work even without requiring any changes to your site.

5. Banned because of functionality problems
* When there is any problem on any page that causes it to automatically refresh.
* When you have an automatic procedure serving Google ads to all pages including 404 error pages and search pages.
* When there are some broken links or any other site disfunctionalities that come against Google stipulations.

Solution: Solving the problems will usually do the trick.

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