Sunday, January 20, 2008

Top 5 Affiliate Programs

Sometimes browsing through hundreds of affiliate programs won't make you any wiser. If you are having a hard time choosing affiliate program, why not join one of these? These are the affiliate programs we have seen perform well over all expectations. If you have a website in a niche suiting these affiliate programs, joining one of them would be a good choice.
Prank Place, the one-stop shop for humorous gadgets and prank gadgets, offers 20% commission on every sale made. Referred affiliates have had great success with this program, finding items to promote within virtually any niche. For many affiliates the conversion ratio has proven to be one of a kind.
Web hosting buzz, a web host with several hosting plans and highly competitive prices, offers a PPC commission of up to $100/sale. If you are attracting visitors potentially interested in web hosting, then this is the affiliate program for you.
Shaman shop is selling everything herbal, and their affiliate program converts extremely well. Commission starts at 15%. Most websites even remotely related to alternative health will make good use of this program.
A website selling virtually any gift, no matter how odd it might seem. Perhaps this is why affiliates enrolled in this program are part of a very happy crowd of webmasters. Try it out, you might be surprised.
News releases, press releases and every other release you can think of. Converting like crazy, this affiliate program is a must for affiliates attracting the right type of visitors.