Tuesday, January 22, 2008

6 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your SEO

Have you Worked on your SEO Lately?

1) Take 30 minutes each day and find sites with a PR (page ranking) of 3 or higher and swap links.

How do you know a sites PR? Download the Goggle toolbar-it will tell you the pr of every site you land on.

2) Try to get plenty of 1 way links from sites with a PR of 3 or more.

How do you do that? Go to Alexa and type in some of your competitors sites-competitors that have been in business a while-and see who is linking to them. Most likely you will find that a lot of directories are linking to them-that is a one way link. There are 2 types of directories-paid and free. Yahoo offers an excellent directory but you have to pay for it-but it is worth it in the long run for improving your SEO. There are plenty of free directories as well such as DMOZ. Keep in mind that Dmoz is often considered one of the most important directories to submit too and if you haven't submitted your site there yet-DO IT NOW!

3) Write at least 1 400 word article per week and submit to a free article submission service.

Why do this? Because articles offer EXCELLENT one way links back to your site. Also, post the article to your website and to your bog. Article services such as Ezine usually have very high PRs-and if your article is posted there you now have a free one way link to your site.

4) Start Blogging!

And I don't mean on your blog. Lets say you have a fashion oriented site-go out there an find blogs that revolve around fashion and post a stament or two and sign you name and website address. If you go to Yahoo and put into the search bar Pure-Ecommerce one of the first searches is a blog we submitted and posted to.

There is also a service called payperpost. They do all of your blogging for you for a fee per post.

5) Check out your Competitors

This is a no brainer. Lets say your selling NursingWear. Go into Google and type in NursingWear. What sites rank number 1,2,and 3 in the organic listings (these are the listings you DON'T pay for) and study their sites. What are they doing, how much content do they have, take not of their product titles, their category titles, do they have deep links on their front page, etc. Next, go to Alexa.com and type in the company's name. Click on the the link icon-what sites are linking to them. Get the idea?


This just makes me so mad. If you are going to own a web business you NEED to know what terms people search on to find you. Don't assume-you need to do the research.This really should be done PRIOR to creating your website and loading your products but most of you are way beyond that-it is not too late though. If you haven't done it rent www.wordtracker.com today for every site you own and understand what terms people type in to find you.

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