Saturday, November 28, 2009

The basic strategy and doubling down

There's a sad fact about playing in a casino, whether real or virtual. The operators have worked out how to play the games on offer and set the odds to favor themselves. After all, if the majority did not lose, there would be no money to pay out all the money you win. Needless to say, the casinos have invested time and money into working out every possible variation on the rules and the ways to play under them. So, if you are going to take on the House edge, you have to become as big an expert on the rules as the operators. So let's start with one of the more interesting rules which decides when you are allowed to double down. This applies when you have received your two cards. If you decide you are going to draw only one more card, the casino rules can allow you to double your initial bet. The different possibilities are to double:

  • on any card combination;
  • only when the two cards total 9, 10 or 11; or
  • after splitting.
Why should you double your bet? The answer is deceptively simple. You double the bet when you think you are going to beat the Dealer. That really does make sense. But because you are suddenly investing more money in playing the game and have more to lose, you need to get on board with the math. You need to know the frequency with which the Dealer is likely to go bust based on the card you can see. If the Dealer's card suggests a bust is probable, i.e. the Dealer's hand is weak, you double the bet when you have a strong hand. You are maximizing the chance of making a good profit on the hand. If you build the doubling rule into your basic strategy, you reduce the House edge. If you refuse to play the doubling rule, the House edge actually increases. This is not to claim you will win every hand when you double down.

At the blackjack table, the Dealer is weakest when showing a card in the range 2 through 6. With a 2, the bust percentage is 35%. It rises to a 42% chance of busting with a 5 or 6. Your hand is strongest if the two card total is less than 11. Do not be thrown off the basic strategy by the casinos that allow you to add less than the original bet. Blackjack is a game for winners. Never give up the chance to double and take the maximum win against the Dealer. Adding a few dollars to the original bet but not doubling is half-hearted and cowardly.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The first simple steps to a basic strategy

Blackjack is one of the simplest games ever invented by man. There aren't many rules and there's no physical effort involved in playing it. You just sit, look at a few cards and make your bets. That's probably why it's become one of the most popular casino games of all time. Of course everyone knows the House has an edge. That's how it pays all the expenses for running the casino. Remember it makes no difference whether this is a casino in the real world or online. You still need people and a base. So common sense tells you that no-one can beat the House without any effort. This produces the headline: no pain, no gain. You have to put in some study time to master the basic strategy.

So what is this strategy? Over the years, some serious math types did all the work for you. They calculated the best way to play all the card combinations and wrote them down in simple charts. If you were going to play in a real casino, you would have to learn all these rules. That saves you having to pause before every decision to check the charts. Not only would the other players around the table be less than impressed, the casino would probably suggest you leave. But playing online changes all that. You can consult the charts as often as you like before deciding which card to play. It may be slow but, if you get the strategy right for every hand, you just shifted the odds in your favor.

The first chart gives you the rules on when to split a pair. The strategy changes depending on the value of the cards dealt to you and the value of the card you can see the Dealer holding. So it starts with the rule that you split a pair of aces no matter what the Dealer holds, and goes down to the choices when you hold a pair of 2s. The other two charts deal with hard hands and soft hands. A hard hand is when neither card is an ace and the strategy changes significantly depending on the card held by the Dealer and the table rules on when the Dealer must stand or draw. A soft hand contains an ace and is easier to play because you can always draw one more card without busting - this takes some of the pressure off the play. I started off by saying blackjack is an easy game but, like all games, you can play for fun or you can take it seriously and play to win. In this case, you are more likely to win if you learn the charts and can play the strategy without thinking. For now, focus on the basic strategy and start your winning blackjack career.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You don’t Understand Your Home Work? You must Read this

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The best medicine painkillers can be found online

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You often fight with your wife, find your solution here

Sometimes, as a husband and wife, we always didn’t want to share each other. So we just fight with our wife and didn’t find a solving for our problem. If you have problem like that, just find your mistake. May be you can’t satisfy your wife in sex so that your wife angry with you. Try to ask her what is going on. Then try to understand her. You may believe it or not, 96% woman angry because their husband can’t satisfy their lust, so that they always find a problem to fight with their husband.

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Ugg Boots, Cheap Boots Store With Number 1 Quality

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Get A Discount In Buying Boots At Ugg Boots

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Facebook History

Facebook was first launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as a medium to know each other Harvard students. Facebook initially only in harvad site kemasiswaan there. But a few months later there was a request from another student to sign up for facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was looking for reason and akhirya can find an expanded facebook.

Within 4 months since launch, Facebook already has 30 campuses in its network. With such success, Zuckerberg and his two friends decided to move to Palo Alto and rented an apartment there. After several weeks in Palo Alto. Zuckerberg managed to meet with Sean Parker (Napster cofounder), and the results of Parker's meeting agreed to move to an apartment for Facebook to work together to develop Facebook. Not long after that, Parker managed to get Peter Thiel (Paypal cofounder) as the first investor. Thiel invested 500 thousand U.S. Dollars for the development of Facebook.

The number of accounts on Facebook continue to soar, so in mid-2004 Friendster made a bid to Zuckerberg to buy Facebook for $ 10 million U.S. Dollar, and Zuckerberg was rejected. Zuckerberg did not regret it rejected the offer because it was not long after that Facebook received another endorsement for funding U.S. Dollar 12.7 million from Accel Partners. And from then dole funds from various investors continue to flow for the development of Facebook.

In September 2005 Facebook was no longer limited only to the student network., Facebook opened its network for high school students. Some time later Facebook has also opened its network to office workers. And finally in September 2006 Facebook opened registration to anyone who has an e-mail address.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tips How to Create a Group On Facebook

Facebook group is very useful you know, in addition to strengthening your relationships with people who share similar hobbies and in terms of other groups can also be used to promote a business or blog that you have.

How to Create a Group On Facebook

1. On facebook page click aplications > Create a New Group or click here.

2. You will go to

a. Step 1, fill out the form there and then click "Create Group" ..

b. Then fill another form that appears. The explanation is as below.
Upload Picture:
- Do not forget check on checkbox and make sure images you upload do not break the rules type of image extension can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG and not more than 4MB

- Please complete if there
- If there are more than 1 website please use the "comma" as the separator

- Show display related groups = group associated with this group
- Show related events = view events related to this group
- Enable discussion board = allow any discussion or discussion board members about a variety of topic
- Enable the Wall = allow writing on the wall (wall) group
- Enable to allow any photos = photo on the page group
- Allow all members to upload photos = all members can upload pictures
- Only allow admins to upload photos = admin can only upload photos
- Enable videos = allows for video on the page group
- Allow all members to upload videos = all members can upload pictures
- Only allow admins to upload videos = only admin can upload photo
- Enable links = allow a link on the page group
- Allow all members to post links = all members can upload pictures
- Only allow admins to post links = admin can only upload photos

- This group is open = anyone can join & content anyone can see
- This group is closed = who wants to join must be approved in advance by admin & content can only be seen by members
- This group is secret = secret and can not be searched, kenaggotaanya only for the people who invited
c. Then click save.

3. After click the save, facebook will be directed to a page invitation (invitation)
Please invite your friends to join the group.

4. Please click back to "name your group" (top right) and look at the page group that have been made.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Secret of Search Engine

Search engines are filled with riddles. As with life, so this serach engine. Search engine is a machine used in a search that will bring an Internet user to find and visit a blog or website. The higher the rank blog will be more easily visitors to find these blogs. The trick is:

1. Search engines must be conquered with a little seo techniques and seo tips,

2. Selection keywords most sought-after is very important in maximizing this seo tips,

3. Pagerank also play an important role in the rankings on search engines, the higher the pagerank of a blog, it will be the better position on search engines.

Three steps above is the main secret of the search engines. When you run the above seo tips, blog, hopefully you will get the position you want on the search engines.

The Best Place to Find You’re Proudly Casino

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Cheapest Boots That Can buys Online

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Friday, November 13, 2009

How to Make a Website Successful

When doing business on the Internet, there are many ways in which you can make a website successful. Although the look is important, fancy websites don't make sales.
There is much more to creating a quality website. To make it successful, you must create a website that will be of interest to your target market and make them want to visit it over and over again. In addition, it should lead your visitors to take the action you desire, such as joining your mailing list, or making a purchase.

Selecting a Website's Niche
The first step toward how to make a website successful, will be to target it for one specific niche. For example, if you are designing a website about wine, everything within it should relate to wine.

Selecting a Website's Keyword Phrase
You must also select the most relevant keyword phrase for each webpage. A keyword phrase is two or more words that best describe your webpage. For example, if your webpage is about 'making wine,' your best keyword phrase would be 'wine making.' You should use your keyword phrase a few times within your webpage, as this will enable the search engines to determine what the website is about. This is a very important step to make a website successful.

Using HTML Heading Tags
When you begin writing your content, it is very important that you use the HTML H1 heading tag with your main title at the top of your webpage. In addition, use th HTML H2 tags for your sub-titles. This is very important, as some search engines place relevance on the text displayed with heading tags.

As the default text for the H1 heading tag is very large, you may want to use CSS style sheets to display the heading tags in the font style and size you prefer.

Using META Tags Within a Webpage
Another step to help make a website successful is to include META tags between the HEAD tags of your webpage. META tags help the search engines to know what keywords are relevant to the webpage. They are also used to tell the search engines what the webpage is about. Many search engines will display this description within the search results.

Backgrounds and Text
It is always best to display a webpage with a white background and black text, as this will make the text easy to read. Distracting backgrounds will make the text hard to read. A good rule of thumb is to just use common sense and keep it simple. This alone is a great way to help make a website successful.

Animated Graphics
If you're using animated graphics, it is important that you use them sparingly. Graphics that continually flash are VERY annoying and may prevent your visitors from returning to your website in the future.

Navigational Links
It is very important to include good navigational links on every page. They should be displayed at the top, bottom, left or right side of your webpage. In addition, your visitors should be able to get to any webpage within your website within four clicks.

Webpage Layout
Always be consistent with your design. This is a very important step to help make a website successful. The layout for should be the same on each page. If you make it different, your visitors will become confused. In addition, it will make your website appear to be unprofessional. Your design should include the same layout, logo, and navigation setup on each page.

Spelling and Grammar
Always make sure you proof read and spell check your webpages for errors. It is also very important that it doesn't have any broken images or links.

Important Webpages
When you launch your website, it is very important that you include the following webpages:

The 'About' page is used to tell your visitors about you and/or your company.

The 'Privacy' page is used to let your visitors know what you do with their personal information, such as their email address.

Terms and Conditions
The 'Terms and Conditions' page should be displayed on your website for your protection.

Site Map
A 'Site Map' is used to help the search engines index your website more easily.

You can learn more about all of these pages by doing a search through your favorite search engine. They are very important and will help make a website successful.

Website Interactivity
Another way to make a website successful is to make it interactive. This can be done by including a targeted forum that compliments your website, a form in which they can subscribe to an ezine, a feedback form to enable them to give their opinion, or an informative blog in which visitors can comment.

Web Browsers and Screen Resolutions
When you begin designing your webpage, it is HIGHLY recommended that you install the most popular web browsers on your computer. This will enable you to see how your website will display in different browsers. You will find that it looks great in one browser and terrible in another. It would be wise to design your website to display properly in Firefox and then it should display properly in Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

It is also important that you view your website through different screen resolutions. You can either open your webpage in your browser and then change your computer's screen resolution, or there are resources online that you can visit, such as Any Browser, to test your website.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you can begin to make a website successful in no time.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Dapat Bayaran Hanya dengan Upload File di MissUpload

Butuh tempat untuk upload berbagai macam file seperti musik,video, gambar, flas,dokumen atau lainnya secara grartis ke internet? Jangan khawatir dan bingung. Saat ini telah hadir MissUpload sebagai salah satu situs provider penyedia jasa layanan untuk upload file ke internet. Layanan yang diberikan oleh MissUpload ini adalah gratis, dengan space sebesar 10000Mb serta 300Mb untuk maksimum sekali upload file, cukup besar bukan?

Selain memberikan fasilitas upload gratis, MissUpload juga memberikan peluang kepada membernya yang telah mendaftar menjadi anggota dari MissUpload untuk mendapatkan earning dari hasil file yang diupload tadi. Earning atau pembayaran akan diberikan pada kita jika file yang kita upload dan kita share mendapatkan unique download dengan minimum download file adalah 5Mb. Penarikan earning baru bisa dilakukan setelah mencapai minimum payout sebesar $10, jika dikurs ke Rupiah maka menjadi Rp 90.000,- (rate $1=Rp9.000,-)

Adapun earning untuk setiap satu unique download adalah sebesar $0,01 jadi kita hanya butuh 100 unique download untuk dapat mencapai minimum payout, ini berbeda dengan kebanyakan provider lainnya yang memberikan harga per-unique download adalah $0,001 setara dengan 1000 unique download untuk mencapai $10. Untuk penakian payout earning bisa menggunakan dua cara yaitu melalui bank lokal atau melalui Paypal.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Penyedia Jasa Pembukaan Account Betting "AgenBola.Com"

Bagi sebagian orang taruhan merupakan hal yang sangat menyenangkan, bayangkan saja jika tebakan kita ternyata tepat maka uang taruhan kita bisa berubah menjadi berlipa ganda. Bukan hanya orang dewasa yang suka taruhan, anak kecil, orang kaya atau bahkan orang miskin yang untuk makan sehari-harinya saja susah terkadang tetap juga menyukai taruhan. Alasannya simple, ingin cepat kaya. Kebanyakan untuk bertaruh mereka bisa melakukan dengan teman atau bahkan dengan pergi kebandar taruha yang khusus menyediakan jasa ini.

Didunia maya atau internetpun taruhan (betting) bukan lagi menjadi hal yang asing. Adalah AgenBola sebuah situs penyedia jasa pembukaan account taruhan diinternet yang professional dan terpercaya di Indonesia. Salah satu layanan utamanya dari AgenBola adalah jasa untuk pembukaan account taruhan bola di dan yang mana sbobet dan ibcbet ini adalah merupakan salah satu website betting bola terbesar di ASIA saat ini. namun selain itu mereka juga melayani jasa untuk pembukaan account bola tangkas (mickey mouse) di,, serta Selain itu mereka juga menyediakan live casino di atau sekarang sudah diganti ke yang menyediakan berbagai ragam permainan baik non-live sampai live game, seperti baccarat, roullete dan sic bo (dadu).

Jika kita mengalami permasalah atau bingung dengan system kerja atau bagaimana cara mengikutinya, pertanyaan tentang rekening, deposit atau bahkan tentang cara penarikan dana kita bisa menanyakannya kepada bagian customer servicenya.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Beginner's Guide To Article Marketing

By including links back to your own websites or blogs you can generate direct surf through traffic while also building back links to your website that will help to improve search engine rankings for your specific keywords.

Writing the most appealing articles, submitting them to search engine friendly directories, and repeating the process on a regular basis can be the recipe for search engine success.

What Is Article Marketing?

All websites have a thirst for high quality, topical content that will be relevant to their readers but not all website owners and promoters are willing or able to create this content as part of their marketing routine.

By creating content articles that others can use for their websites you are rewarded with the opportunity to include one or two links back to your own website. As well as receiving a link from the article directory itself, which are often authoritative websites crawled regularly by search engine spiders, you also gain some benefit when other websites publish your article and links on their own site.
Why Do It?

Article marketing offers an effective and inexpensive way of building quality inbound links to a website. You know that the links generated are from contextually relevant pages because you have written the content that is used.

Furthermore, by using the most beneficial and SEO friendly directories you can dictate the keywords that are used in the anchor text; a critical component of a strong SEO link.

As well as the SEO benefits, you may also find your article published in ezines and newsletters that have a strong, dedicated, and loyal following driving direct traffic to your site.

Choosing Directories

There are literally hundreds of article directories online and choosing the right ones should be considered an integral part of article marketing success.

Directories should be SEO friendly so do not use nofollow tags in links or in robot files. They should allow you to use HTML code for your links and they should keep the number of links and advertisements on a page down to a minimum. They should also be crawled by search engines and be considered a strong SEO site in order to offer any real benefit.

Alternatively, they should generate a large number of visitors directly through the links in your articles.

Writing Articles

The most popular articles are well written and provide genuinely useful information. Good directories will not accept those that are little more than blatant self promotion and very few will accept articles with more than 2 or possibly 3 links to your website.

Ensure that your writing is not only appealing to other website owners but also to their own readership base because this will encourage more website owners to use your articles.

Including Links

Links to your site are typically added to the "Resource" or "About The Author" paragraph. Some directories will allow links in the body of the article and these too offer very good benefit especially in driving traffic directly to your pages.>

Always try to use those directories that enable you to construct your own HTML link including anchor text because this will give you SEO benefit as well as potential surf through traffic. Always ensure that the link is relevant to the page you've written as well as to the page you direct readers too.

Submitting To Article Directories

Having written a useful piece on a relevant topic and having chosen SEO friendly directories you will need to submit the articles for consideration. Most directories use a number of anti-spam measures to ensure that they offer only very good quality articles to publishers. Manual submission of articles is, therefore, advised. While automated software does exist, you will still find that you need to complete a number of aspects of the submission yourself.

Using Article Submission Services

Manual article submission services do exist and can prove a beneficial method of building links and generating traffic especially if you do not have the time or resources to write and submit a large number of articles.

Try to see a good portfolio of articles that have been written by the service and always ensure they offer a manual and ethical submission service.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wireless System Alarm for a Peaceful Family Time

There can be no doubt that spending a spare time in a enjoyable holiday with your whole family member is such a beautiful moment to have. Having a barbeque party in the garden or simply spending time in your play room with your children is actually a great thing to do. However, you can not forget of the possibility that your holiday time can be disturbed by a thief or kidnapper. Therefore, you should avoid such bad thing that your time with your beloved family will not be distracted.

To avoid such criminality, you are not necessarily bothered yourself by hiring a cop to be your family guardian. All you have to do is actually having security system wireless that will act as your family guardian. Moreover, to have such protection from this wireless security system is that you do not have to step out from your house since it is offered via online.

The wireless security system is all what you need to protect your family, since it is providing you with fast alarm response, and 24 hours protection; also means non-stop protection. If you do not have extra budget, do not be so worry since it is offered at an affordable price, which also be one benefit of putting this security alarm. Furthermore, it is a wireless home security system which means no cables are needed in the installation.

This security system is available in all over the country. If you live in Houston, for instance, you should have the home security Houston. This home security is truly what you need to have a peaceful family time.

Buy Text Links Ads, to boost your search engine traffic

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Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Promote Your Blog

Source of our blog visitors to the web directories, search engines, links/links from other websites and direct traffic to the address/url of our site. To be able to google dicrawl and indexed, your site must be found by google bot system that will track our blog and view our site on google search results.

The following are some ways to our web site with a bot contacts a google, yahoo, and my friends:

1. submit url web site or our blog on the system owned by google, yahoo, etc..
- (only special expert/expert)
- (third party)

2. submit your blog URL/web site to popular directories

3. good promotion
- Pairs of our email signature is a link of our blog or website (be careful of our bet is email spam)
- Pairs of signatures in the blog comments or forums even though nofollow
- Put an ad in a free online advertising
- Enter our blog directory on the web locally and internationally as much as possible
- List of blog directories such as
- Wear clothing or attributes that have made our website address
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Step by Step How To Import Wordpress To Blogspot or Blogger

Some time ago I tried to import articles from wordpress to blogspot. I tried in several times, but it still did not work. And then I tried to search for how to import wordpress to blogspot in google search engine, and found that we can not import directly to the article from wordpress to blogspot, we have our first convert.

And here are the step by step hosw to import article in wordpress to bloggspot or blogger:
1. Login to your WordPress account and navigate to the Dashboard for the blog that you'd like to transfer to Blogger.
2. Click on the Manage tab below the Blog name.
3. Click on the Export link below the Manage tab.
4. Download the WordPress WXR export file by clicking on Download Export File.
5. Save this file to your local machine.
6. Browse to that saved document with the form below and click Convert.

## in this section you can go to

7. Save this file to your local machine. This file will be the contents of your posts/comments from WordPress in a Blogger export file.
8. Login to your Blogger or create a new user.
9. Once logged in, click on the Create a Blog link from the user dashboard, and then click on the Import Blog Tool
10. Follow the instructions and upload your Blogger export file when prompted.
11. After completing the import wizard, you should have a set of imported posts from WordPress that you can now publish to Blogger. Have fun!