Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Promote Your Blog

Source of our blog visitors to the web directories, search engines, links/links from other websites and direct traffic to the address/url of our site. To be able to google dicrawl and indexed, your site must be found by google bot system that will track our blog and view our site on google search results.

The following are some ways to our web site with a bot contacts a google, yahoo, and my friends:

1. submit url web site or our blog on the system owned by google, yahoo, etc..
- (only special expert/expert)
- (third party)

2. submit your blog URL/web site to popular directories

3. good promotion
- Pairs of our email signature is a link of our blog or website (be careful of our bet is email spam)
- Pairs of signatures in the blog comments or forums even though nofollow
- Put an ad in a free online advertising
- Enter our blog directory on the web locally and internationally as much as possible
- List of blog directories such as
- Wear clothing or attributes that have made our website address
- If the acquaintance of other people on the internet do not forget our blog promotion.
- Pairs of our blog links on myspace profile, facebook, hi5, myspace, and others.

4. diligently to spread our link active blogs on the internet
look for forums or blogs that we post a link to allow the active follow our web site. like to comment or respond in a reply thread in the forum community by attaching a link in our signature. is quite powerful way to attract visitors and a lot of search engine bots.