Thursday, November 19, 2009

Facebook History

Facebook was first launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as a medium to know each other Harvard students. Facebook initially only in harvad site kemasiswaan there. But a few months later there was a request from another student to sign up for facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was looking for reason and akhirya can find an expanded facebook.

Within 4 months since launch, Facebook already has 30 campuses in its network. With such success, Zuckerberg and his two friends decided to move to Palo Alto and rented an apartment there. After several weeks in Palo Alto. Zuckerberg managed to meet with Sean Parker (Napster cofounder), and the results of Parker's meeting agreed to move to an apartment for Facebook to work together to develop Facebook. Not long after that, Parker managed to get Peter Thiel (Paypal cofounder) as the first investor. Thiel invested 500 thousand U.S. Dollars for the development of Facebook.

The number of accounts on Facebook continue to soar, so in mid-2004 Friendster made a bid to Zuckerberg to buy Facebook for $ 10 million U.S. Dollar, and Zuckerberg was rejected. Zuckerberg did not regret it rejected the offer because it was not long after that Facebook received another endorsement for funding U.S. Dollar 12.7 million from Accel Partners. And from then dole funds from various investors continue to flow for the development of Facebook.

In September 2005 Facebook was no longer limited only to the student network., Facebook opened its network for high school students. Some time later Facebook has also opened its network to office workers. And finally in September 2006 Facebook opened registration to anyone who has an e-mail address.