Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tools for SEO And Traffic Analysis

When you start out as a web affiliate, there are a range of tools that will help you navigate the infinite ocean of search engines and key phrases. Let's try and navigate the ocean of available tools.

You will need tools to handle the following important areas:

1. Search Engine Optimization (first step)

Site analysis - site content, meta information, internal links

External analysis - forward links, backlinks, quality of back-linking sites

2. Statistical traffic analysis (second step)

See how visitors navigate to and from your site

Tools for search engine optimization

Tools can either be downloaded and run from your PC, or else you run them from the site that supply them. A few tools can analyze your site when it's stored on your hard disk, but usually they will analyze the site as it appears on the web and run its analyses against the web hotel or server where the site is published.

They may require some advanced functionality from your site environment, such as asp or php. Today most web hotels offer these functionalities per default.

Supplied by WebCEO.com. This is a range of useful tools for the beginning web affiliate. They let you analyze your site's page content, meta information and links. They can also assist you with tasks such as link exchange and setting up a link directory.

There are a number of free, basic tools as well as a couple of paid product packages that target businesses of different sizes.

Google Analytics
Found at google.com/analytics. These are tools for statistical traffic analysis. Probably the best free tools on the market. They're also strongly integrated with Google Adwords.

Extensive SEO Toolbox supplied by SEOMoz.org. A number of free tools that you can use to see if you're included in the biggest search engines, to check your forward links and backlinks, and much more.

For premium members there are a number of more advanced tools, such as Keyword Difficulty and Link Finder.

We Build Pages
Provided by WeBuildPages.com, the home of SEO guru Jim Boykin. A lot of free tools, even some pretty advanced ones. Make a top ten analysis for search phrases, find the common backlinks for a number of url:s, produce a site map of your site, identify your strongest sub pages, and a lot more.
Tools for keyword analysis

There are a number of tools to assist you in your keyword analysis. However, no single one has all the answers.

Google Adwords Keywords Suggestions
This is a very useful tool. It shows search volumes and competition for the keyword phrases of your choice, or the keywords related to a site.

Even if it's intended for Adwords use, it gives the general picture for the requested keywords.

Google Adwords Traffic Estimator
Another very useful and free tool. It lets you estimate how many clicks per day a certain keyword would generate, and at what cost per click (CPC).

Keyword Country
This tool isn't free, but it's worth every penny. With Keyword Country you can make estimations not only of how much certain Adwords keywords will cost, but also how much you can make from them.

The tool gives you comprehensive information for more than six million keywords in its database, and it's not restricted to Google searches.

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