Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Top Paying Keywords

Below is a list of the Top Paying Keywords on the net today. Each keyword is valued at $13 or more and may be just the keyword combination you’re looking for.

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$32.85 ca lemon law
$27.31 portable trade show exhibit
$26.46 conference calling service
$25.74 pennsylvania lemon law
$25.70 lasik new york
$24.28 fortis health insurance
$24.07 cord blood banking
$23.96 california lemon law
$22.97 illinois lemon law

$22.70 annuity settlement
$22.28 consolidate credit card debt
$21.96 donate used car
$20.55 mortgage lead generation
$20.38 vehicle donation
$20.34 lemon law attorney
$20.14 michigan lemon law
$20.00 home equity credit
$19.26 new jersey lemon law

$19.22 automobile lemon law
$19.14 asbestos poisoning
$18.81 texas lemon law
$17.78 software escrow
$17.56 medical hair restoration
$17.53 home equity rate
$17.40 virginia lemon law
$17.29 at and t wireless
$17.16 web design connecticut

$16.64 incorporating in california
$16.52 help desk software
$16.50 life insurance uk
$16.49 home equity mortgage
$16.18 term life insurance
$16.05 conference call
$15.72 american equity mortgage
$15.65 100 home equity loan
$15.63 medical answering service

$15.61 new york lemon law
$15.32 cord blood
$15.12 time clock software
$14.74 mesothelioma cancer
$14.70 christian debt consolidation
$14.44 comcast dsl
$14.35 life insurance comparison
$14.25 incorporating in florida
$13.90 houston web design

$13.88 raid data recovery
$13.88 bad credit mortgage
$13.81 chicago personal injury lawyer
$13.76 hydraulic exercise equipment
$13.63 term life insurance quote

source : http://www.monetizers.com/top-paying-keywords.php