Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Simple trick to increase CTR

Making money with Adsense is based on how many clicks you get on the ads. Also it’s important on what market is your website and how much are paying the advertisers for the ads.

From my experience i know that websites who server communities or have a lot of returning users tend to receive a lower CTR than websites that receive a large number of new visitors. This is happening because the returning users might go familiar with the ads on your website and will search only for the info they need, avoiding clicking on ads.

What i suggest is to promote your websites more on Yahoo and MSN. Visitors coming from these SE’s are not so familiar with Google Ads, so they are more predicted to click on the ads.

What i noticed is that, if your ads are placed good and you are receiving a large number of visitors from these SE’s, 40-50% of them will click on the ads.

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