Saturday, March 8, 2008

Free AdSense Ebook Bahasa Indonesia

This ebook is dedicated to all of you, Indonesian Adsense Publisher. If you are new players in adsense business then take an action to download by click links below, start read and implement the trick and tips as described inside.

This is one of the most completed "adsense ebook for dummies" and easy to understand in all aspects, especially because its came with our Bahasa Persatuan: Bahasa Indonesia.

Inside there you can learn from A to Z about adsense, What is adsense, How to earns, How to register, How to optimize, What is niche market, tips using images, and many more...

Ps: The material content on this ebook is NOT made by me, I just collecting articles, translate it, then with small experience with Visual Basic 6, I packed them as an ebook program like you will read latter...

Enjoy and have some fun with adsense!

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[Download link 1] @ indoupload
[Download link 2] @ rapidshare
[Download link 3] @ dewaupload

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