Sunday, March 16, 2008

Google Ad Manager Released

As part of our continuing commitment to provide publishers of all sizes with tools to improve revenue opportunities and productivity, we're excited to announce Google Ad Manager.

If you operate a site with remnant ad inventory as well as reserved ad inventory that you sell directly to advertisers, then Ad Manager is for you. It can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure directly-sold and network-based inventory. Google Ad Manager offers a wealth of features, including an intuitive user interface, automated yield optimization, and proven Google speed and reliability. Best of all, Google Ad Manager is free.

Ad Manager currently addresses the ad management and serving needs of publishers with smaller sales teams and effectively complements the DoubleClick Revenue Center, which is focused on publishers with large sales teams. We're excited to add DART for Publishers to our suite of products,and we're committed to the continued development and enhancement of DoubleClick's offerings.

To learn more or apply for Google Ad Manager beta, visit our website.