Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Google AdSense Tips Part 4

  1. If you blog, Darren has some tips for you.

  2. Inside AdSense is official AdSense blog, where you can find latest developments about AdSense.

  3. You can get help of other AdSense pulishers at AdSense Help Group.

  4. If you are serious about making money from AdSense, get Joel’s AdSense Secrets.

  5. Don’t put too many ad blocks on your site. Find out the highest CTR block and remove the others. Few clicks on the 1$ ads are better than many clicks on the 3-cent-ads.

  6. Experiment, experiment, and experiment. You can never stop trying for new ad format. Even if you think you can’t improve anymore, one slight change might increase your earning significantly.

  7. Remove the “Advertise on this site” from your AdSense block until your site is big enough to attract real advertisers. This will help to clear off many MFA (made-for-adsense) sites. You can disable it from AdSense account setting.

  8. Use AdSense Preview Tool to test the ads that will appear on your site. You can click on ads in the AdSense preview tool, as the advertisers are not charged from it.

  9. AdSense uses geo-location to deliver advertisement. So, what you see on your site might not be what your visitors see. Use AdSense Preview Tool to view your AdSense advertisement displayed for visitors from other places.

  10. Use AdSense Competitive Ads Filter to remove scrapper sites ads. Scrapper sites are sites without real content. They are either link farms, content theft, or meta search engine.

  11. Use AdSense Competitive Ads Filter to remove irrelevant ads.

  12. AdsBlackList.com have good list of URLs to block. Try it.

  13. Try variations of AdSense colors, format, position on different pages to make it more unpredictable for your visitors.

  14. Learn some CSS.

  15. If you are putting multiple ads block on your website: put most clicked block to appear first in the HTML. Higher position in HTML = higher paying ads. You can do this using CSS.

  16. Try to put contents on different subject topics. If it can draw visitors, write more on that topic.

  17. If you have dynamic pages, use htaccess rewrite rule to make it appear as static, e.g. http://www.hundredtips.com/100-google-adsense-tips.html instead of http://www.hundredtips.com/?p=6.

  18. Validate your site HTML and CSS.

  19. Break your long articles to few short articles; this way the users are exposed to the ads for more times.

  20. Keep each article focused on one topic.

source : http://www.hundredtips.com/