Friday, October 30, 2009

Facebook Secrets With Google To Rank Blog

I wanted to share something very `expensive` you might say. Why did I say expensive ,because the science is expensive. If you already know and understand about the science of anything you're likely to find success. This time I wanted to share a secret trick to raise rank blog. Maybe I share a trick that was wrong from the standpoint of the master SEO (Search Engine Optimalization) because this based on my experience and observation.

Some blogs I've ever been given a variety of SEO tricks that can be fairly difficult to understand and put into practice. But with siring I have trouble in understanding the SEO techniques that I can correct and observe SEO. What Google really want? so that we can blog was awarded the rank of the blog!?.

Here's a short thing that might change the rank of your blog it was just to pagerank 0 or 1 can be raised to rank 2 or 3.

First notice the word is used in making the title of the blog postings. Do not use the title already used by many other blogs to rival blog pagerank 3 or 4, it's no good to beat her blog at your blog to 1 much less pagerank 0. Unless it only rival blogs pagerank were also 1 or 0, please you use the same word for the title of your blog postings. Means the solution if you want to post an article and the title you use the same blog that was pagerank 3 or 4 will change the title of your post a little antique. For example the blog had pagerank 3 or 4 post with the title "original serial number windows xp", then you can change, for example as "illegal xp to original" or another depending on your mengkaitakan words.

An important fact in this second trick, this trick can still be valid if it is still a little blog that discusses articles related or similar. Perbanyaklah ie posting articles on "FACEBOOK" which is very widespread now his visitors and member facebook. Keywords that you use the keyword facebook at this point would be easy terdektesi by Google because now every day many search engines that use google with the keywords associated with facebook. Like "how to create a group on facebook", "how to see full size photos on facebook", "facebook smiley code", and others. So allow rank on your blog will soon increase dramatically. After that, do not forget to submit blog in three (3) famous sites of google, yahoo, and msn and blogwalking.