Friday, October 23, 2009

6 Tips To Increase Google Adsense Revenue

There are 6 tips in playing google adsense can be applied. Did not produce significant effects, but enough to boost revenue. Just info that different web, different content, will generate money that is not the same, although the ad placement techniques and it is also exactly the same template!.

6 Tips To Increase Google Adsense Revenue

1. FIT place.
Most websites place CONTENT or content of the article in the middle of the page, for it would be better if you put Google Adsense ADS on this position. Place 1 google adsense ads on your posts. This will allow the reader to 'SEE' your ad, and hopefully you will click on ads

2. Use the Large Rectangle ad (336 × 280).
Most people prefer to install the "Leaderboard" (ad size 728 × 90) or "Wide Skyscraper" (ad size 160 × 600). This is a fatal mistake!. Why? Because it would only show that the area is the area of ADS. So that the readers will stay away (because they know that the actual links are advertisements)

3. Remove Border from your ads (the area surrounding the line advertising).
By removing the border, your ad will look like a link related to the article that you created (and is not considered advertising). How to remove border of the ad is simple, which is equated with a color border color background your blog or website. With this step, the possibility of clicks from readers will be greater.

4. Adjust Font usage.
Wherever possible, use the font (the posts), the size and type font similar to google adsense owned. Because I edit the font from google adsense is impossible (and also against the TOS), it would be better to give in your reply and change the font of your post.

5. Use the same color.
Use the same color between articles and ads will minimize the 'suspicions' of the reader to assume that the link is an ad. For example, if the content of your post is black, and the link in your post is blue, then set your google ads with the same color.

6. Not too many 'distraction'.
Using lots of colors, the settings are blogs that will enhance your image viewing your blog AAU website. But if google adsense is something that you look for in a blog or website, things are slightly above disadvantage. Too many animated banner will only be 'interesting' eyes the reader to see the banner and 'cosmetic' else in your blog or website. So they will not 'have time' to see your ad.

6 tips above to be able to assist you in increasing clicks from Google ads, but it is not a guarantee!. It's just tips. Once again, each site will have different characteristics. These tips might work well in BLOG A, but not useful in BLOG B. So, will we a lot better to try and analyze, what is good hal2 be done, and what should be on leave.

Once again, try-try, and analysis. That's the key.