Saturday, May 3, 2008

Boost Your Technorati Rank

My Technorati Authority seems to have been stuck for months. Luckily I might have a solution!

Now before I tell you the “secret”, I have to inform you that this will only work for an established blog. A brand new blog will have to focus on gaining new links.

With that caveat out of the way, what is this big trick?

It seems that Technorati misses a lot of the links pointed at your blog. This leads to a familiar frustration for many bloggers who feel that they are not getting the recognition they deserve.

To be fair it is not Technorati’s fault if the people who link to you do not make their blogs known to the service. That’s where you can help them, you and Technorati at the same time.

When you get a new referrer that isn’t noted by Technorati, submit it so that it shows up.

How to Get the Technorati Rank You Deserve

  1. Gather a list of blogs linking to you - you can use a tool or a Yahoo! link: search
  2. Submit the list to Technorati - manually or using a service

Easy, eh? :)

To make it even easier, there is a tool over at Sebastian’s Pamphlets to make submitting to Technorati as simple as copy, paste and click!

I’m going to try it and hopefully I should see a small jump in my rank!

Source : Crisg