Saturday, April 17, 2010

Web Hosting Reviews Online

Gone are the days when websites were created just by large organizations or businesses to tell the world about their products or services. These days websites are created for all purposes be it for sports, entertainment, education, games, to give news and information or to just upload personal videos, files and thoughts. While creating a good attractive and easily navigable site is very important, to have a good web host to host your site is even more important. While not many know much about creating websites many more do not know much about web hosts or about the right web host to host their web site.

This site gives all you need to know about web hosts, and gives website news and information to help you decide on a right hosting plan. There are many kinds of servers like shared server, dedicated server, VPS server, Managed server, reseller server, etc. cheap dedicated servers are ideal for large businesses. If you want high security for your web site or if it is a resource intensive ebusiness site then this is the best for you despite the complications and high costs. This site also gives you reviews and ratings of the top web host companies. These reviews are done taking into account the price value ratio, uptime, key features, user feedback, user friendliness, bonus features and hosting awards. You get cheap web hosting services for under $10 a month. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee and a free domain name registration with every plan. Log onto know abut all the plans and to get web hosting news.