Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seo Tips For Beginners

Before you read more about my posting "seo tips for beginners" is a good idea once you know what SEO in wikipedia. After understanding about SEO be continued please read this posting.

Well tips best seo for bloggers who are just starting in the world of blogging is as follows:

1. Write an Article Title within their keywords you want to optimize. For instance I want to be No. 1 in the seminar blog on new york city, then write the title of the article just like that.

2. Make the content or the content of the article according to your abilities. Do not plow, do not copy and paste. Original must be based on your own thoughts.

3. Update articles regularly and routinely. For example you can only 1 times 1 week it should be regularly updated 1 week update the article. But the best are updated every day your article 1 articles.

4. Give the difference in each of the keyword or keywords in your articles. Whether it's a bold text, giving a colorful at each of the keywords will in optimizing the search engine or other.

5. Backlink. Whether it's through free classifieds, social media, up to search for blogs and then fitted to the blogroll.