Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Using Basic strategy and the card counting system

There is one casino game where there are real working ways if you have the right strategy for the game. With the rest of casino games you can play in the end it all comes to one simple feature: either you win or you lose, and there is no way you can go around it with any given strategy.

As you may guessed from the title this is the blackjack game. Although there's no way you can predict the outcome of a natural blackjack during the game, but before you actually go to a playing table you can check out the numerous charts to see if your chosen strategy gives you any advantage during the game and what are the odds of winning.

As you may know, the main goal in this game is to have a card count that is as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. Besides, you should beat the dealer's count in order to actually win. The are different numbers of cards used in each and every casino, so you should make sure you know whether it's a single deck or 4 decks before going to the table and placing your bet.

These variables are used to mathematically evaluate your chances of hitting the winning combination and there are numerous charts which take regard of the deck number at the table, and such method is called the Basic strategy.

You have your totals outlined to the right, and the dealer's totals sitting on top. All you have to do is match the raw and column of your and the house totals and see whether you have to hit, stand split or double on the next turn.

With online blackjack tables there are numerous variations, taking in account whether you have soft, hard totals or pair splitting. When playing this game online using such charts is very easy and helpful. No one restricts or limits you in using any additional information while playing blackjack online because it's simply impossible to control such things at an online casino.

Remember that Basic strategy is not about winning every time you sit at the table. There will be wins, and there will be losses, but over the long-term use of this method you will clearly see that it raises your advantages and lets you win more.

A different method that is often used as a substitute to the Basic strategy is the card counting system. If simply put, this method counts every card in the game to foresee what possible combinations are left within this particular game and give a player an advantage in knowing what to expect. Like with numerous variations of the Basic strategy, there are many different types of card counting systems that all relate to different circumstances and playing variables. The key to success here is to know which one works best for you by trying them all in different situations and seeing which is the most comfortable and effective to use.

Playing online blackjack gives a very important advantage here - you won't have to perfect your skills in front of real impatient player, having only to deal with virtual representations. Much less stress and much more learning opportunities! As soon as you're confident enough in your skills and new-found methods, you can join numerous online blackjack playing tables and see what advantages these strategies really offer.