Friday, December 4, 2009

Add-ons Firefox for Web Application Development

You want the best experience in web application development? Of course you need a variety of applications supporting your application development process. One of the applications you'll need for the development of web applications, of course, is a web browser. Based on my experience until now, Firefox is the best web browser to help web development. Why? Because Firefox has addons directory that are important in web development. The following Firefox Addons that I often use:

1. Web Developer, has interfacing functions and tracking.
Example Interfacing function:
* CSS: disabling CSS, select media type, view style information.
* Forms: display form details, convert element type
* Images: disabling images, display image attributes
* Dumping page’s HTML hierarchy
* Miscs: Outlining, resize window,
* Validation: CSS, HTML, Feeds, Links
* View source: original page source, generated source, frame source.


* Clear private data, clear cache, clear history, clear HTTP auth
* Disable cookies, clear session cookies, delete domain cookies, delete path cookies, add cookies

Download :

2. Firebug, a debugging function of HTML code, CSS, JavaScript, DOM are live on the browser.
* Console debugger: JavaScript errors & warnings, CSS errors, XML errors, XML HTTP Request, Stack trace, Strict warnings.
* HTML debugger: edit page source
* CSS debugger: edit page CSS
* DOM: user-defined properties & user-defined functions, DOM properties, DOM functions, & DOM constant
* Net Panel: monitoring network connection

Download :